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The Rishis from Ancient India Utilized their brains and discovered many art and sciences that would ensure the wellbeing of the future generations of mankind.One this science is Nadi Astrology. There are several branches within Astrology including Horoscopy., i.e. reading and casting horoscopes built upon your Positionsof Planets during the moment of the birth of an Person and the movement that occur with the Planets throughout the Zodiac. It is a highly developed science, as evident from the earliest manuscripts such as Brihatsamhita, JathakaPaarijatha etc. Numerology, Palmistry along with Naadi reading are other fields of study. The experiences our family has had thus far and feedback from our clients has led us realize that the predictions that are formulated by the palm leaves we have preserved, perfectly fits to the locals just 80 percent, which is also only for 80 percent of all people who visit. The solutions that are prescribed in the holy script , including the temple worship are left to the individual preference of the people who are concerned.

What Is Nadi Astrology ?

 Today, we hear of people who have Powers of extra-sensory perception. They are called the Rishis revered sages who focused on one god called paramatma. They far surpassed the powers that was available to ESP people. In addition, they were able to predict the future with their foresight. By using this method, Rishis such as Agasthiya, Kousika, Vasishta have made predictions for humanity's place in the world. Take for instance any given moment of the Day. There are many lives born at that particular moment. humans, plants and even animals. The Rishis have omitted the latter two and restricted their predictions solely to humans. They also did not include all humans. The predictions are only given to the presons that Rishis, out of knowing knew would be able to research these Predictions. The exact date at the time that each of them will be able to participate in this study has also been predicted by Rishis. These predictions were written on palm leaves. As with many other arts and sciences from the past, they were also written in Sanskrit. In later times, the Tamil rulers collected all of these palm leaves, regardless of the subjects they dealt with them the leaves and kept them in huge libraries. These leaves that contain the Wisdom of the ancient Rishis would otherwise be forgotten by us. The King of Tanjore who was an ardent supporter of Arts and Sciences, found the plam leaves in the library of his palace. They were also translated into the an ancient Tamil using the help of Pandits. The palm leaves that are kept by us are the ones were handed down to us by our grandparents. We haven't claimed in any way that these are authentic palm leaves that were believed to be composed by the Rishis, and discovered by us in the time of British rule through auction. Before making predictions, every person must first be identified by providing the date of birth and planetary positions when his birth, parents and names of close relatives, the position they hold in the world. marital status etc. The predictions for an individual will be based on the day he began studying the Nadi until his final day. It is not covered in the past i.e. the events that occurred from birth to date of study is not covered.This is likely to be done to prevent any problems that could arise in human life.

History of Nadi Leaves

 The leaves grew scattered. They were collected and classified during the chola rule of Tanjore and stored within the Saraswati Mahal. The leaves were burned and destroyed in the Muslim invasion. Later, during the British government, they gave the nadi leaf to certain families, and others were auctioned off and sold. They kept only those that provided evidence of alchemy, herbs and other medicines. The nadi leaf was requested by astrologers of the community known as Valluvar and belonged to Vaideeshwaran Koil, near Chidambaram in Tamilnadu. Vaitheeswaran Koil became the heart of nadi astrology. Astrologers earned their livelihood by predicting nadi astrology, and learned to read them from their elders , and it was passed down from generation to generation. In the 13th century, some Nadi leaves lying scattered across Vaitheeswaran Koil were collected and preserved by the Maratha ruler the king Serfoji. King Serfoji was a true patron of science and arts who kept these nadi leaf collections in the renowned Saraswati Mahal in Tanjore. The Vaitheeswaran koil is the primary location for the practice of nadi Astrology. Numerous Brahmin communities that are practicing astrology are in possession in nadi leaf packages. some are taken to other regions of India as well from this location. Shiva Nadi jyotisha is most popular of nadi's predictions in astrology. The predictions are based on thumb impressions of the individual and it is believed that there exist 108 kinds of thumb impressions that exist on planet. The leaves can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Nepal and they are not written only for people who are of Indian origin, but also for all souls looking for relief from this bind of pain and suffering. The leaves were written for only a handful of people and, if they were to be used to look for the leaf to help them find the possibility of a new beginning.

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